Become a Merchant

We hope you will join us in 2018 at the Hobart Farmers’ Market as we complete our transformation to become the Northwestern Catskills’ premiere public market and an irreplaceable asset to our surrounding agricultural community. We see our mission as two-fold:  supporting food and farming in the Catskill region and beyond, and providing a venue as a local incubator —offering approved local businesses an opportunity to grow without the expenses of construction, large staffs, etc. and joining  in community with other local business owners. There is no charge for merchant space at the Hobart Farmers’ Market. Our policy is “show up, set up and sell”. We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes before market opening hours.

Farm Side

We are always seeking new farmers, artisans, and crafters who are looking for an opportunity to join our HFM community.  If you grow it, make it, bake it, or raise it we’d love to hear from you. Contact and provide your information (what you’d like to sell, what days of the season, etc.).

Quick Reference Guide and Market Etiquette

  • The Market is open Fridays starting the first Friday in June through the last Friday in September from 4—7 p.m. Please arrive early enough to be set up by 4 and stay until the market closes at 7.
  • The Market is open rain or shine, but may close early in the case of severe weather (ex. thunder storm). So please come prepared with protective covering when showers are predicted.
  • For anyone who needs, there is a small supply of pop-ups tents. Anyone needing to use one should arrive by 3:30 to help set up and stay until the end to help take down.  Anyone who owns a pop-up is encouraged to bring it, as these extra pop-ups are intended for the use those in need.  Also, these pop-ups will, from time-to-time, be used for Special Events (Final Fridays, demonstrations, etc.)
  • Food safety is imperative. Please use gloves to handle food items for sampling in the Market. It is preferred that items for tasting be served in small cups or on small plates or napkins. Food samples may not be handled with bare hands by vendors, as a matter of food safety.
  • Please be considerate of your neighbor and avoid affecting sight lines between vendors with solid sidewalls or opaque curtains.
  • Please do not aggressively sell or promote your goods. Let the patrons discover your treasure.
  • For you convenience, if you plan on being present every week we will assign you a “spot” as a market anchor.
  • Unfortunately shade is at a premium in the market. Since food vendors (meat, produce, baked goods) require shade for the safety of their products we request that priority be give to the food vendors for space along the river side of the parking lot, and in the far corner by the gazebo, leaving room for the food truck on the river side by the gazebo. One vehicle may be parked on the grass behind your table if you are on the river side of the market.  Other vendors may set up in the center of the parking lot, next to the trees along the trail side of the lot or on the grass by the Town Hall building.  There is no parking in the center of the parking lot.
  • Once you have set up your booth, please park as close to Maple Avenue as you can to allow parking for our patrons.
  • Vendors will be included in the discussion of any necessary re-arranging that needs to be done for special events.
  • No bullying, no politics, no tobacco, no alcohol, no profanity.

Market Rules and Merchant Application

Please contact us for 2018 HFM Market Rules and Merchant Application.


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